We believe one of the greatest joys in this world is sharing your life with a pet

Our friendly staff are dedicated to helping you and your pet have the best possible experience each and every time you visit us.

We offer Veterinary Services such as Medicine, Surgery and Diagnostic procedures as well as Pet Grooming, Behaviour classes and Pet export services.



No matter what size, shape, colour or breed, we believe your dog deserves the best.  If you truly love your dog (and we know you do!) you'll be quick to understand the differences that make Dogues of Ascot such a unique place.

Born in partnership with Ascot Veterinary Surgery, Dogues customers enjoy their time in a super modern and comfortable air conditioned premises.  Our staff truly love animals and all out pets are treated with the utmost respect and patience.  No sedation is ever used for our dogs at Dogues.

All of our groomers are experienced and can handle any specific grooming requests.  We keep updated records on each dog we groom including style and length of haircut so future requests can easily be handled.

We specialise in pedigree breed style clips and creative styling for mixed breeds as well as our popular comfort clips for the warmer summer months.

Also popular is our groom through, bath and drying service in the winter months keeping your special friend looking warm and cuddly.

We also carry a large range of pet grooming and general accessories in our Douges Boutique and our qualified groomers can recommend the most suitable shampoos, brushes and combs to keep your pet looking as groomed as possible until their next appointment at Dogues.

Because of our partnership with the Ascot Veterinary Surgery, an appointment at Dogues can also be used to keep up with some Veterinary attention such as Vaccinations, Heartworm injections or simply picking up the most up to date and effective flea control products,  Consultations for medical problems can also be arranged when either dropping off or collecting from Dogues to avoid another trip away from home for you pet.


Just a reminder we are booking up very early for Spring.  We are very busy and we do appreciate our customers, but keep in mind we can only groom a certain number of animals each day.  If you know your special friend will need to be groomed in a month or two, book now.  We also suggest you reserve your next appointment when you pick up your pet from grooming.  Dogues is popular and we want to keep everyone happy, so please plan ahead and make your reservation.

We believe regular hydrobaths are an essential part of keeping your pets skin and coat healthy in our tropical environment.

A hydrobath is a large fibreglass tub which has tanks and a pump attached. Flea rinse or shampoo is pumped out under high pressure through a shower rose, which is an extremely effective way to wash dogs especially those with thick coats.The pressure saturates the coat and massages the skin removing any dirt and debris.

We use a range of shampoos and rinses which have a pleasant fragrance  - no strong chemical smells and extra flea and tick washes can be added if required.

So why don't you treat your special friend with a hydrobath in our dedicated hydrobath room at the Ascot Veterinary Surgery? Easy access via our rear carpark means no trouble getting in and out of the bath. Our bath is open 9.00 - 4.00 Monday to Friday and Saturday 8.30 to 12.00. Bookings are required so just give us a call on 3268 2688.

Your dog will look forward to our hydrobath each visit.


Puppy Preschool is a program designed to encourage new dog owners to become aware of the needs of their new fury friends.  It gives an opportunity to discover what is involved

and what to expect as a new puppy owner.  Courses are held over 4 consecutive weeks with each session lasting approximately one hour.

Basic healthcare is covered with topics including nutrition, parasite control, dental health, vaccinations. heartworm and grooming.  One of the primary aims at our Puppy Preschool is early socialization.


Please call 3268 2688 for details.

Just as it is more common for us to travel and live overseas, we are now seeing many more jet setting pets. Moving overseas is no reason to give up your loyal companion. Pets are very adaptable (probably a lot more than we ever give them credit for), and are more than happy to live in any situation as long as you are there as well.

One of the services we offer at the Ascot Veterinary Surgery is the preparation of animals (dogs and cats) for export overseas allowing you to take them almost anywhere in the world. Two of our Veterinarians are accredited with AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service). This means that treatments such as blood tests, specialised Vaccinations (e.g. Rabies) and final export health checks can be performed by these Veterinarians in our clinic. We are also able to issue the correct medical certificates required for travel.

We recommend and liaise with Pet transport companies who will organise your pets airline booking, travel cages and final destination travel requirements.